Our purpose is to be a valued partner in the pursuit of wealth preservation.

Castleton is a registered investment adviser providing customized, fixed income investment management and portfolio consulting through a fully transparent and client-centric business model.

We combine decades of experience managing diverse fixed income portfolios for private clients with a pure bond and investment banking heritage. We use our expertise to design and construct innovative bond portfolios with the efficacy of a large institution, the agility of an independently owned practice and the creative insight of experienced market veterans. This represents an institutional-caliber capability that is seldom available to private investors. 

The majority of our clients are themselves accomplished financial professionals. We view this as confirmation that we have earned the trust and confidence of informed and experienced investors. However, it does not suggest an unwillingness to partner with clients outside of the industry.

We are deliberate in partnering with clients who share and appreciate our values, our philosophy and our investing approach.

When we enter into such a partnership, we are accepting the responsibility of protecting wealth.

The gravity of that responsibility is never misplaced.

We invite you to learn more about Castleton.

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