I’m more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money.

– Samuel L. Clemens, “Mark Twain” (1835-1910)

The preservation of capital and the certainty of a predictable income stream are the central investments themes of Castleton Partners.

Many investors are conditioned to think of fixed income investments in the same way they think of equities: as investments subject to profit and loss, as dictated by the market. The statements, dashboards, and metrics that we are constantly exposed to through our service providers and financial media encourage this inappropriate and misguided perception.

At Castleton, increasing the market value of your holdings is not the primary objective. Our clients expect a predictable and reliable stream of income that affords safety and stability over time. The strategies that we implement are pure fixed income strategies. We select credits best suited for each client’s specified level of risk and income needs. All portfolios are designed to be tax and cost efficient.

Above all, our clients expect the return of their money—and we reject the concept that short-term market volatility accurately reflects the true value of holdings. This mutual understanding is why our clients identify with us and why we identify with our clients. When this expectation is held in common, Castleton is able to dedicate the entirety of our efforts to managing the risk in clients’ portfolios and identifying enhancement opportunities.